MoneyShow Interview 05/18/2016

In his latest interview recently featured on MoneyShow.com, Stephen L. McKee discusses his strategy. In addition to discussing his strategy, he also comments about some of the top-ranked funds and stocks. Below is an excerpt from the interview: Using a … Continue reading

MoneyShow Las Vegas Conference

MoneyShow Las Vegas Conference May 9-12, 2016 Join Stephen L McKee for the MoneyShow Las Vegas Conference May 11th, 2016 at Caesars Palace. He will be discussing the top Mutual Funds & ETFs and strategies on maximizing your returns and … Continue reading

Does It Matter Which Index Fund You Use?

In recent months, I’ve looked at whether it matters which actively managed funds you invest with.  The answer was an emphatic yes.  There is a world of performance difference between managed funds even in the same investment style like small … Continue reading

C-Lect Interest

March 7, 2016 Bond prices go down when interest rates go up. This is because newly issued bonds are paying more interest than old bonds. To be attractive, the old bonds decrease in price, which increases their effective yield. How … Continue reading

Recession Risk Rising

Recession Risk Rising 2/19/16 We’re still watching for signs of possible slowdowns in the domestic economy.  The Conference Board reported yesterday 2/18/16 that its Leading Economic Index® declined slightly again in January by 0.2%.  This follows a 0.3% decline for … Continue reading

Selections & Timing Brochure

Perhaps you have been interested in trying us out, but still had questions about the services offered by SelectionsAndTiming.com. In order to provide more details and information with everyone, we wanted to share our Selections & Timing brochure. (To read, please … Continue reading

Why Stick Around? TFCVX

As an exercise to compare results, I recently looked at Third Avenue Focused Credit (TFCVX).  It was a high-yield (junk) bond fund that as of June 2014 had $3.5 billion in assets.  By the end of 2015, assets had plunged … Continue reading

MoneyLife Show Interview

The file below is a recent interview Stephen L. McKee had with MoneyLife Show. The radio show host, Chuck Jaffe, and Stephen discuss his book, “Grow your Investments with the Best Mutual Funds and ETFs”. Click the file below to … Continue reading