MoneyShow Interview 05/18/2016

In his latest interview recently featured on MoneyShow.com, Stephen L. McKee discusses his strategy. In addition to discussing his strategy, he also comments about some of the top-ranked funds and stocks. Below is an excerpt from the interview:

Using a proprietary ranking system, Stephen McKee – editor of Selections & Timing – has developed the top risk-adjusted performance rating among all newsletters over the past 20 years. Here, he explains his strategy and highlights some top-ranked funds and stocks.

Steve Halpern:  Our special guest today is Stephen McKee, editor of SelectionsandTiming.com, a group of industry-leading newsletters. How’re you doing today Steven?

Stephen McKee:  It’s a great day.

Steve Halpern:  Well, thank you for taking the time.  Now, your no-load mutual fund newsletter has been ranked as the number one risk specific performer among all financial newsletters over the last two decades.  Can you explain the strategy underlying this incredible record?

Stephen McKee:  Yeah, I appreciate that.  It’s good to talk with you again.  We do basically two things.  We rank mutual funds on our proprietary metric called C — which is the risk adjusted relative performance number.

The whole idea is that you want to invest with the leaders and avoid the lagers and even in the same strategy or the same style, there’s a huge difference between the leaders and the lagers and so we rank the funds and try to stay with the leaders.

The second thing we do, is we believe in asset allocation — some people call it market timing — and the idea here is there are times to be in the market and there’s times to be out of the market.

And we practice a rotation strategy where we look at, you know, the stock market, the bond market, precious metals as well as cash.

And as everybody knows who’s been investing for more than ten years, you know the market goes into bear markets and if you can stomach losing half your money, then, you know, you want to look at buy and hold, I suppose.

But if you don’t like that idea, then that’s part of what we do and why we’ve built such a great track record.


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