MoneyShow Interview: A Top-Rated Strategy for Risk-Adjusted Returns

Stephen L. McKee’s latest interview with Steve Halpern was recently featured on MoneyShow.com. They discuss various topics including Stephen McKee’s strategy, the newsletters here at SelectionsAndTiming.com, the services offered at 401kSelections.com, and much more. Below is a short excerpt from the interview:

Steve Halpern: Our special guest today is Stephen McKee, editor of the top-rated advisory service, Selections and Timing.  How are you doing today Stephen?

Stephen McKee: Very good.  Good to talk with you.

Steve Halpern: Well, thank you for taking the time.  Could you discuss the underlying strategy behind your family of newsletters and an overview of the different publications you offer?

Stephen McKee: Sure.  We’re best known for our flagship, which is No-Load Mutual Fund Selections & Timing newsletter.

Then, as a result of the work from there, a few years ago we started an ETF letter and then a stock letter, which is a little bit different — we can touch on that later — and then in the last year, again as a result of the work we do with the mutual funds and ETFs, we started a new service for 401(k)s.

Each of these services is based on the idea of trying to make the most return and the least risk.  I think everybody sort of wants that.  I’ve been in the business since the early 80s, talked with thousands of people, you know and everybody will say, yeah I want to make money and not lose it.

And that’s the whole strategy of what we do — and plug in the numbers and run the rankings — and then come up with what we call our C ranking, which we can talk about in a little bit.

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Money Show Interview

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